Neotech Equipments Pvt. Ltd., started its activities in 1993 in New Delhi, India. Now, we have office in Delhi, Gujarat & associates in Mumbai, Pune, Hubli, Bangalore, Rudrapur. We have a team of experienced & competent Engineers, Sales representatives and Service staff who cater to our client’s product requirements and service activities by offering industry best solutions to meet their industrial needs.

Mission: “To be a trustworthy and innovative organisation providing genuine, technologically advanced products and solutions for a dynamic operational environment.”

Vision: "In line with our company’s mission Neotech’s Vision is to be the most respected and successful enterprise, delighting customers with a wide range of products and solutions in their industry with the best people and best technology”

Neotech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial  Equipments, Tools & accessories; classified under the following domains:

  1. High Pressure Hydraulic Tools and Accessories: Hydraulic Jacks, Pumps,Pullers, Presses etc.
  2. Innovative Storage Systems and Material Handling Equipments: Stackers – Pallet Trucks, Floor Cranes, Lift Tables, Storage Racks, Tool cabinets, Trolleys and others.
  3. Accumulators: Bladder Accumulator, Diaphragm Accumulator, Oil Coolers and others.
  4. Filtration and Separation Equipments & Systems: Conveyor: Rotary Drum/Scrapper/ Magnetic/ Screw/ Magnetic cum Paper Band Filters, Oil filtration systems and others 
  5. Hydraulic and Mechanical Clamping Elements and Devices: Hydraulics / Pneumatic / Manual Clamps, Clamping Cylinders, Intensifiers, Clamping elements, T-Nuts, Bolts and others
  6. Other Specialized Machines & Equipments: Bailing Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Solvent Recovery Systems, Electrostatic Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems and others.

We are regularly supplying our products to Refineries, Fertilizers plants, Power, Steel Plants etc. Over the year the company has earned a reputation of offering best quality products along with the best of after sales support. Our key clients have been associated with the following industrial sectors:

•  Automobile

•  Oil, Gas and Power

•  Heavy Machinery Infrastructure

•  Pharmaceutical

•  Defence

•  Food Processing

•  Chemical Plants

•  Cement Plants and Many more


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