Tensioner Pumps

HPUTP-1 Standard Air Tension Pump


     - 1500 bar (21,750 psi) max working pressure (restricted)
     - Calibrated 6” (150 mm) pressure gauge
     - Flow rate up to 44 cu.in/min (0.72 liters/min)
     - Dual oil outlets with quick-connect couplings
     - Pneumatic filter/regulator/lubricator
     - Air consumption 28 cfm (800 liters/min)

HPUTP-2 High Flow Air Tension Pump

Typical uses: Subsea bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts. Same as HPUTP-1, Except:
     - Flow rate up to 65cu.in/min (1.06 liters/min)
     - Air consumption 56 cfm (1600 liters/min)

PE39 Electric Tensioner


     - Light weight (45.5 lbs/ 20.6 kg without oil) and compact for portability and working in small spaces.
     - Low current draw allows for remote location use
     - Heavy duty drive train provides durability for rapid and repetitive cycling applications.
     - Removable 100 mm (4 in), calibration capable, gauge
     - Dual oil outlets with quick-connect couplings
     - Easily adjusted pressure regulator (relief) valve
     - Removable control pendant (15 ft/ 5m cord length)

Know More: https://www.spxflow.com/en/power-team/pc-pumps/

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