SRT Spring Return Tensioner


The Spring Return Tensioner design dramatically increases productivity and safety compared to older manual return tensioners by incorporating the following features:
     - Piston Over stroke safety relief valve to eliminate blowing a seal
     - Full enclosed load cell eliminates entry of debris into piston
     - Piston over stroke indicator line
     - Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges
     - Quick Release Bridge for easy change of adapter kits
     - Piston misalignment compensation
     - Stud coverage from 1” to 3 1/2” with just 4 tools


MRT Manual Return Bolt Tensioner


     - Piston stroke limiting indication
     - Compatible with SRT tensioner range
     - Piston/Cylinder misalignment compensation
     - Bolt coverage from 1” to 3 1/2” with just 4 tools
     - Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges
     - Unique quick release bridge assembly

WD/WS Wind Tensioners


Tensioners have quality designed in with standard features that enhance durability and efficiency to get jobs done faster and safer.
     - Internal over-stroke prevention for safe operation
     - 1350 Bar maximum operating pressure
     - Piston stroke indicator
     - Achieves 90% proof load requirement for ISO 898 grade 10.9 bolts
     - Auto-engaging geared nut rotator
     - Spring return pistons
     - High pressure swivel coupling (optional on WSS & WSL)
     - Anti-slip grip surface

SST Quick Reaction Subsea Tension


Subsea bolt tensioner incorporating the quick reaction nut feature reduces diver fatique, improving diver safety and productivity.
     - Visible piston stroke indication
     - Piston/cylinder misalignment compensation
     - Low friction seals
     - Anti-corrosion coating
     - Bolt coverage from 3/4” to 3 1/2”
     - Now up to 4” bolts
     - Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/ API flanges, as well as many compact flanges

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