Torque Wrench

TWHC Troque Wrench High Cycle


The TWHC was designed for those applications where constant use and rough environments are present. All the same features as the TWSD - but with 2 to 3x the life of the standard torque wrench. It’s features include:

     - Increased reliability
     - Designed for high cycle life: 2-3x more than existing technology
     - Corrosion resistant material for use in harsh environments
     - Compact nose radius allows the tool to fit in tighter, hard-to-reach spaces
     - Low weight, high strength design
     - Fast operation, long stroke and optimum flow
     - Multi-direction high flow swivel manifold
     - 360° Push button reaction arm
     - Fully enclosed drive mechanism for operator safety
     - Swivel manifold internal relief valve prevents retract side over-pressurization
     - Fine tooth ratchet prevents tool ‘lock-on’

TWSD Square Drive Troque Wrenchs


The TWSD are designed with the following:
     - Low weight, high strength design
     - Superior torsional strength
     - Push button reversal of square drive
     - Floating piston design
     - Internal swivel manifold relief
     - Fine tooth ratchet
     - Compact frame size
     - Fast operation cycle
     - Corrosion resistant finish
     - 360° Push button reaction arm

TWLC Low Clearance Troque Wrenchs


The TWLC has a head/body that is interchangeable with a range of link sizes. It is light weight and has a tight nose radius to fit in low clearance areas
     - Fine Tooth ratchet eliminates the requirement for reaction pawls, no tool lock-on
     - 360° high flow Multi-Swivel
     - Retaining Pin is captive within head - no lost parts or tools on site.
     - Auto-connect drive, piston will automatically engage the head upon first pressurisation

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